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Home Insurance Apr 7, 2016
Home Insurance can be confusing.  Just a few things to consider when shopping for home insurance in Oklahoma.

1. What kind of a policy is it?  Is it Actual Cash Value or Replacement Cost Coverage?  Whats the difference?
Actual Cash Value will only replace your property for what the value was before the loss so basically it will depreciate.  Replacement Cost will Replace your property for the cost it will cost to purchase New.

2. What is my deductible?  Some companies push the 1% or 2%, possibly higher deductibles. What does this mean?  If you have a hail storm come through and damage your roof and call the company to get your new roof, they may tell you your deductible is 2% of what you insure your home for.   For example, 2% of your home insurance at $100,000 would be a deductible of $2,000.  So you are responsible for the $2,000 deductible.  This has become more and more popular with the large Name Brand companies.  They advertise so much that they are not so happy to pay out claims.  So this is a way to trick the customer into paying more of the claim or getting them not to claim at all.

3. Most of the time we hear about the Auto/Home Bundle Discount.  As an independent agency, we have so many amazing companies to place you with we can most of the time find it more cost effective to place you with 2 different companies even though these companies do offer the discount.  We just like to save people money in this tough economy and the other large insurance companies like to throw out the idea of discounts just to get all your business whether its best for you or not.

Let us know if you would like your own FREE review of your policy.  We are happy to help!

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More Companies Sep 27, 2013
We are adding more companies everyday to find you, the customer the best prices available!

No body should be paying too much for insurance!

Also added a new roadside program! Its one of the best ones out there! Best prices also! 1 tow will cover the price of the VIP Roadside Assistance we offer!

Call for more details!

Have a great weekend!
Happy 4th of July! Jul 3, 2013
Be sure and stay safe, there will be a lot of people out drinking while you and your family are celebrating our independence day!

Just food for thought, 1 out 4 drivers dont have the insurance that will pay for your medical if they hit you. I'll be happy to help ensure that you do have coverage. Just call 918-684-2000

Happy 4th! Be safe.

-Advanced Insurance Professionals
Uninsured Drivers Jun 26, 2013
Call us today to see what would happen if you were hit by an uninsured driver. There are ways to protect yourself!

Otherwise, you carry all the costs.

Uninsured Drivers Jun 10, 2013
Today, 1 out of every 4 drivers are uninsured.
This is terribly scary since they will have no way to pay for your medical or to fix your vehicle in the event one of them hits and hurt you or the people in your car.
Call us today to find out how to be protected.
Advanced Insurance Professionals
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